Let’s ACTUALLY Get Your Business Online, Okay?

Psst. Hey you.

I bet I know what you want.

You want to have your website finally up.

But it seems like so much work, right?

I can fix that.

My name is Corey Freeman, and I'm here to help you build a website. Since 2004, I've helped professionals and small businesses make progress online. And now, I'm going to help you, specifically, get your business online. In two hours.

"But Corey, to launch my website, I have to get my .com and graphics and figure out what to put on it. Do I need to blog or can I skip it? Can't I just use my Facebook page?"

Here's the thing...

A dedicated website puts you in control. Your design, your branding, your rules.

Why spend $20 each time you post when you could build a following on your terms?

Plus, isn't very attractive on business cards. Some people don't even use Facebook.

You already know it's an essential. But it's frustrating.

Spend 2 Hours with Me And You'll Have a Functioning Website

After realizing that clients and customers don't want the theory behind web tech, I compressed the hard stuff into a step-by-step process that anyone can complete.

There are only 3 things you need to be able to do:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Press some buttons.
  3. Trust me to guide you.

There's no coding or research or hourly contractor fees or webinars.

No back-and-forth calls and emails for months.

When you work with me, you will have a website setup in 2 hours or less.

Let me re-iterate. Not two months, not two days, two hours.

But Corey, How Is This Possible?!

I'm glad you asked!

Here's the story,

This workshop started as a 3-day long concept. "Website in a weekend." But weekends are supposed to be for relaxation. Plus, 3 days is a giant commitment.

So maybe just one day?

Come in at 9am, leave at 4pm.

That sounded exhausting too. Giving up an extra 6 hours in one day sounds like a nightmare.

Then I thought, why not just two hours?

Most of what goes into building a website is doing the research to get it right. Thinking up a domain name. Choosing a web hosting package. Deciding what system to use. Picking a design. Figuring out how to make it function the way you want.

Decision overload.

So I just went ahead and did most of the leg-work for you.

Instead of spending months comparing solutions and learning tech jargon, you'll follow these steps...

  1. You'll purchase a domain and hosting from a reputable web host.
  2. You'll install WordPress, the most widely used content management system on the internet.
  3. You'll install an exclusive WordPress theme built specifically for you to get an attractive site up fast.
  4. You'll put up your 3 essential pages using content templates that make your purpose clear and inviting.
  5. You'll install a contact form so people can contact you quickly.

Boom. Done.

You're Only Two Hours Away from Being Ready.

Less, if you click fast.

Let's do this.